Industry Experts.



Our qualified staff of Certified Appraisers is ready to handle most any type of assignment. Our appraisers have been in the field an average of 12 years each, with some as high as 25 years. We work to ensure the highest quality products through dedication and education, which is made possible because our appraisers are employees, and not independent contractors.





Rigorous Review.



All of our appraisal and consulting reports go through a rigorous review process, before they are delivered to our valued clients. Our Commercial and Residential Divisions are led (and reviewed) by individual experienced professionals on the cutting edge of our industry.






Reliable Service.



Our friendly support staff is highly trained, and available to accept, process, and deliver your report. Our front desk professionals have been with us an average of 9 years, and know the world of real estate valuation. At Allied Appraisal Associates, we strive to ensure that you are not just talking to a human being, but someone who is well versed and knowledgeable in our business!